Day 10 (leaving Coroico and going to La Paz)

Leaving Coroico was sad because it meant some of the relatives who we were with there, we may never see on this earth again.  Living on different continents feels far, when you are saying Goodbye.  We took the entire morning till about 2pm to say good byes to everyone there.  Then we boarded our mini bus, (Taxi, sort of) and headed up the hill to La Paz, about 2-3 hours depending on who is driving 🙂

If I had to describe Coroico I would say the biggest surprise to me, was the landscape was so tropical.  I pictured Bolivia as La Paz is, the high desert, with mountains nearby.  The tropical flowers and waterfalls were unexpected but so welcome in Coroico.  The girls had Richard take photos of so many different flowers and fruits because they wanted to hang a photo of them on their wall at home.

The night before we left, we took the kids to the Plaza for a little walk (the evenings are cooler there, so it is nice to get out a bit (with 3 layers of bug spray on 🙂 and Isaac got stung by a type of fire ant.  He accidentally put his hand on it, but it was really scary because Richard wasn’t there and I didn’t see what bit him right away so of course my first thought was, what if it was poisonous?!?  He knew right away something had bit him and was able to point it out, Thankfully Didia saw the ant and recognized what kind it was, basically it burns like wasp sting, but with some cold water and medicine the pain subsided.

By the next morning, it just looked like a bug bite. Thank goodness!


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