Fall reflections

back home in Colorado

Summer melted into autumn and somewhere along the way we took a few deep breaths.  I am trying to work on being present and absolutely treating each day as a gift, but I struggle with so many jumbled thoughts about this.

This morning on my run, I saw a tree that was caught between every stage of turning colors.  The leaves were small and so they scattered like multi-colored confetti as the morning breeze trickled through.  I loved seeing the deep golds peeking though the bright greens of summer hanging on.  The darker red and golden browns were spilling over the edges with the promise of cooler mornings and evenings on the horizon.  If you have never experienced Fall in Colorado, it is a treasure, with beauty and temperatures that beckon you outside at every chance you get. (Or at every moment of procrastination you allow yourself to have 🙂 While the days are still warm enough that shorts and a t shirt feel good most afternoons, the mornings now beckon for a sweatshirt and evenings are coming sooner each day.

This tree was a great refection for my thoughts as I have been caught between the typical 1st world parent mindset of wanting my children to have all that I had and more.  Shiny new tennis shoes and a fresh new back pack for school, lessons and activities that will allow them to try lots of different things…and yet I am finding myself longing for the simple days in Bolivia, where half of the day seemed to be spent preparing 1 meal and the other half building relationships.  Stress is minimal if you are healthy and have access to education/employment.  Because houses take less time to clean when they are smaller.  Toys and clothes can be washed and put away quickly when you only have a few pairs.  In Bolivia we were seen as “wealthy Americans” and yet I found myself longing for bringing many of these simple traditions back home.  I am grateful for the blessings and the abundance that we have here, and I do recognize the privilege we have for being able to do so many things, travel, take piano lessons, etc.

I feel I am caught between wanting the best for our family and having a desire for our kids to grow up knowing they have so much and they do not need most of it.  I want them to feel contentment with where they are and the abundance they have.  Do you struggle with this balance?  What is our call to action here?

I am so thankful God works in every season of our lives, and He is the conductor!  My favorite Nichole Nordeman song was one she shared when she visited my college for a concert, back in Sioux Center Iowa 18 or so years ago (oh my goodness, where did the time go!) and I was blessed to hear her perform it live once again this past weekend at the Belong Tour right here in CO.  If you haven’t ever heard Every Season definitely take 3 minutes and enjoy!  Be blessed today!

Autumn in Steamboat Springs, CO
The view looking down into the town of Coroico
Coroico, Bolivia: the town where Richard’s mom is from.
Aliyah age 5 in Bolivia with Robin
Coripata, Bolivia: the town where Richard’s dad lived when he was young.

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