Day 11- a day in the city of La Paz

We headed to La Paz to take care of some paperwork and government office type stuff.  This is a whole different ball game in South America.  What we ended up doing was taking Richard’s ID card (similar to a Driver’s License in US) in to get renewed, his last one was from when he was pretty young, so he needed an updated photo, etc. and we had all 3 of our kids get ID cards.  Because Richard was born in Bolivia, all of our kids are considered eligible for dual citizenship.  This is AMAZING and so helpful, so we had them all get their ID’s while we were there, so they will never need a VISA to travel in and out of the country.  I on the other hand, will always need to get a visa for any travel to and from Bolivia.

We also ate some amazing Salteñas which were different than the ones Richard’s mom makes for our birthdays, but very tasty.  All the kids loved them.  We also hung out at the house there and Richard’s cousin Lismer played some amazing music for us.  He has a band and plays for events and things, but we got our own private concert in his living room.

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