Bolivia rest of travels/recap Part 2

We spent time celebrating Bolivian Father’s day with a few more relatives and toured around the city on our final days. We saw the Plaza where we have a photo of Richard when he was little. And there are still lots of pigeons there. We saw a really cool special dance group performing when we were touring around, they were making a video, so we watched and enjoyed the colorful performance and took some fun photos there.  We had pasankalla which is similar to popcorn, but bigger, I think made from puffed hominy.  It is sold in big bags and is a little sweet like kettle corn.  The Bolivian Olympic soccer team was there in the capital and we saw them all lined up waiting to meet some officials.  We traveled so much we were worn out by the end and had to leave really early for the airport. We had to say Good bye to so much family and then again at the airport to Richard’s parents and brother who were going back to CA when we left for our flight home to CO, so it was very emotional and exhausting.  When we finally left Bolivia for Peru, we had a short layover and then headed to Orlando this time.  We had a long layover at that airport and our kids RAN to the drinking fountains when we got through customs because they were SO excited to drink clean water after so long of trying to search for bottled water, they were absolutely thankful and it really changed their perspective of gratitude for this simple luxury we often take for granted in the US.

I will try to add some videos, but wanted to finish the trip photos with some beautiful shots Richard took with his good camera, such treasures and memories made will last a lifetime.  We have said goodbye on this earth to a few of the relatives we visited, just in the last year and a 1/2 since we were there and it is a wonderful reminder to treasure our time with loved ones and absolutely to be grateful for eternal life.  To God alone be the Glory!  A Dios sea toda la Gloria!  Soli Deo Gloria!


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