Fall Reflections

Every Fall I start to reflect back on the changes that year, from the change in the seasons and enjoying Colorado’s display of all the colors and beauty of the snow capped mountains with Gold Aspens and green pine, to the colorful mums dotting the yard.

This year I went back through a few of the photos from Bolivia as we have recently said our earthly goodbyes to another sweet friend and are celebrating the memory of several family members who we were blessed to see in Bolivia.

Our day of Compassion visits ended with a drive back to the main teleferico so we could take the line back to the home where we were staying with Richard’s family members.  We noticed some of these things in our drive back and our ride down through La Paz.

It was a wonderful day and many memories were made, but one of the coolest God things, didn’t happen until after we returned to Colorado.

Below I posted a few pictures of the kids and I in the back of Tio Samuel’s car after a very long day of traveling all over Viacha and El Alto.

Many months later, we had decided to attend service at Flatirons church in Broomfield, CO, about 45 minutes away from where we live.  It is a large church and we have enjoyed going there before so we thought it would be fun to catch a service there on a Saturday evening.  After service we picked up all the kids from their various classes and went to get Hot Chocolate as it was a cool evening and the church has coffee etc. out in the entry way.  One of the kids almost ran into a gal, and as we turned to apologize we were all in shock, it was Sara!  Our translator in Bolivia who we had spent the day with back in March!  We could not believe that we had run into her here, at home in CO and not even where we live!  We sure enjoyed catching up and seeing her and just marveled at this awesome gift.  The bottom photos are of all of us at church that day.  So cool!

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