Day 9

On Wednesday we decided to leave for La Paz, about a 2 and 1/2 hour drive, depending on traffic, road conditions, etc. on the infamous Death Road.  We didn’t have to drive down the really dangerous part, for which  I am very thankful.  There are quite enough harrowing turns and death defying passes, by very experienced drivers who I am also thankful for.  I honestly had to stop watching, when our driver, who was one of the nephews, was passing on a narrow dirt road above huge cliffs without a guardrail.  The views are amazing and thankfully no one was car sick the whole trip.  Aliyah, Bella,  and I sat up front to try to avoid that and Marco, Richard’s brother, who also gets carsick, sat in the passenger seat.  We took a mini-bus which means a small van, with several rows.  Thankfully, Richard’s dad was doing ok with the huge climb in elevation, although we did get a chuckle when his water filter in his oxygen tank back fired after we hit a bump and it tipped.  All of the sudden there was this gurgling noise and he was getting water sprayed into his face instead of air.  Richard was trying to be serious, but it was pretty hilarious after he realized what had happened.

We had to say Good Bye to some family members in the morning, because some of the Coroico family will not be seeing again.  But a few will come to La Paz with us, or shortly after us and we will see them again on Saturday or Sunday.

When we got to La Paz, we were tired, but thankful to be out of the mosquitos, and heat.  We all were covered in bites by this point and just a bit cooler air, felt wonderful.  We stayed with the same family that we did our first night in La Paz, and it almost felt familiar to be there with a bit of space and beds that were comfortable.  I honestly almost missed the rooster crowing in the morning…almost.  🙂

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