Day 8

On Monday we had homeschool for a few hours in the morning while Richard and Marco tried to get Papi oxygen from the hospital.

Our school included PE (throwing a ball down the apt stairs) and art (testing out some of the compassion kids art projects so we could give them some examples of butterflies we created.  Kids completed most of their math and reading so we took a short walk and then went to visit some family walking around town.

We were so blessed to walk by the biggest oven I have ever seen in my life.  Pan is sold fresh daily here and we have forever been ruined by eating fresh empanadas out of the oven, yum. Richard’s cousin showed us the inside and the smell is amazing. So very cool. They bake bread over fire in big stone ovens in the Tradituonal way, very cool to see.

One of Richard’s cousins watches a bunch of you tube videos and learned how to do some really good braids so she fixed Aliyah’s hair in a special style.


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