Day 7

imageSunday there was a bunch of family in town so we decided to make pancakes for breakfast. Everyone here was excited for trying American food. We decided to make banana pancakes both because bananas are awesome here and because it might help make up for the flavored we were missing, couldn’t find vanilla or ground cinnamon.  They have heard of pancakes and call them Panqueque (pan Kay Kay )

I used this recipe:

this is how you make pancakes in Bolivia

  1. Wait for Internet to get fast enough to load page with recipe
  2. write down
  3. translate list of ingredients to Spanish
  4. send husband and brother to store to buy
  5. they return 5 min later (store is only downstairs and a few blocks away)
  6. need weights instead of amounts because you buy flour/sugar/etc in the amount you need
  7. Triple recipe
  8. start cooking, try to find a pan big enough to cook more than one pancake at a time
  9. light stove with match
  10. burn first batch because pan is too hot
  11. cook 4 more batches
  12. put pancakes in pan for everyone to eat with coffee and jam (no syrup here, they eat with fingers like bread)
  13. cook rest of batches
  14. more relatives come
  15. make another batch of batter(triple it again ). Use packs of squeeze applesauce from my traveling snacks to sub for oil/butter because we ran out after first 3 batches
  16. Burn first batch
  17. realize they are taking forever to cook because there is no flame on burner. Re light and try again
  18. realize people are eating the half doughy burned ones that I had set on a towel
  19. 6 batches of pancakes later there are no leftovers
  20. the End

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