Day 6

I think after reading yesterday’s post we think we went to the waterfalls on Saturday ūüôā well either way it was awesome. We are getting a bit behind on updates because the Internet is pretty iffy in The town of Coroico.

Many family members came to Coroico for the weekend on Friday night and Saturday/Sunday to see us and Richard’s brother Marco and parents. ¬†I can officially say I now understand what it was like for Richard when he met my whole family and a bunch of extended family from both sides at Josh and Candaces wedding a few years ago. ¬†Holy big family Batman!

We had fun going to the waterfalls, riding in back of the truck and when you get to the first waterfall, it goes over the road ( think river) and it pours over the rocks, which you drive over maybe a foot deep.   cars are stopped there, not because of stalling, but people will pull out a rag and start bathing the car.  Car wash at its finest, or washing clothes, hair, etc.

I thought it was kinda funny to wash the cars, then continue driving on the dirt roads. I suppose it is the same thing as when we wash cars in the middle of winter :).

We took a short hike, up to the falls, and again I was amazed at Tio Samuel and how spry he is for a 70 year old. ¬†Didia brought a bunch of apples, peaches, and prickly pear for snacks. ¬†The fruit here is good but needs to be washed and peeled to be safe to eat. ¬†Prickly pear are bright pink here and dark pink inside. ¬†I have only ever gotten green ones in my produce basket back home, so I didn’t know what they were.

Other fruit new to the kids and I are chirimoya and maracuya. ¬†The maracuya we liked as juice but thought was sour to eat. Chirimoya tastes like a cross between a pineapple, a strawberry, and banana. ¬†Very sweet and white inside. ¬†I’ll try to add photos later.

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