Day 5- animal sanctuary and waterfalls in Coroico

On Friday we went to a wild animal refuge that is here.  It isn’t too far, maybe 20 minutes by car, so we crammed 11 of in the pick up truck and went for the morning.  We were blown away by the variety of animals we saw, very different than the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.  We saw a bunch of different types of monkeys, parrots, toucans, turtles, lizards, copybarra, and snakes.

We walked around a bit then got the kids an ice cream before hopping back into the bed of the pick up for a bumpy ride home. Good news! Found out the girls don’t get car sick if they are in the back of the truck bed! 😉

We came back to have lunch at Casa de Mi Abuela, a restaurant that featured a pork dish Covered in a green sauce I can not remember the name of with rice and yucca. All 3 kids think yucca tastes like sweet potato And they think all the rice here is amazing (their mother can not make good rice.) Also a dish made of shredded beef with hominy.

Isaac thinks the fact that you drink Coke with every meal here is awesome. After lunch we went back to grab some towels etc to go to the waterfalls near here. La Jalancha is the name of the big one here.

We stopped, paid to use the restroom (still cracks me that you pay for toilet paper) and Walked up the short hill to the waterfall. So. Very. Cool.


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