Day 4- Coripata

imageOn Thursday, Richard’s dad wanted to go to Coripata, a town about 2 hours away, to see if we could find any family of his. He used to live, go to school, and work there so he has many memories in this area.

Unfortunately, the girls were not feeling great and on the way a bit of travelers illness/car sickness caught up with both of them. Riding 2 hours on bumpy dirt rides in a van packed with 11 people was a bit of a stretch, but we are thankful for our pediatrician who thought to send us with Meds for that, and the prayers of so many who literally prayed them well.

We walked around Coripata and met Papi Hugo’s aunt, who cared for him as a boy. We had fresh empanadas and explored the town.

We saw lots of waterfalls and butterflies along the way. Very cool views and awesome adventures. Richard and I are so proud of all of our kids, they have been rock star travelers.

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