Day 3-Corioco

imageThe first full day in Coroico we woke to pouring rain.  It was a blessing to cool off the humidity so we could sleep a bit.

We unpacked a bit and had some instant oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. Peaches are sweet and in season here and bananas grow everywhere so we enjoyed getting to eat something fresh after 2 days of travel. People don’t really eat anything here in the morning, just coffee and a bit of bread.

We were invited to Richard’s cousin’s Rut (Ruth) y Rodo’s (Rodolfo)house for lunch/dinner. We took a taxi because of the rain. There is only 1 main meal of the day here. We were served soup made with corn and peppers Laua, it was so delicious! Served with platano.  Then we had a pasta dish for segundo, made with onions and sardines and I’m not sure what else. It was pretty tasty and I would not have guessed there were sardines, if Richard hadn’t said so. It is a favorite dish of Richard’s dad.

We were treated to a mini concert after lunch, as this family are professional musicians. Mandolin, guitar, so cool! We will have to post video when we get home, the Internet is too slow here I think.

My favorite memory of this day was Richard’s Tio Samuel telling a story, I guess they used to fish here with dynamite, which is now illegal for obvious reasons, but the friend of his used to wrap the dynamite in clay, then newspaper. He said why do you wrap it in newspaper, the friend said, of course, because the fish come and read the papers and then they explode! This was so funny, for me because I have never gotten the punchline of a joke in Spanish before 😉  Sure is funnier when you don’t have to wait for the translation.

Then we went to Richard’s mom’s brother, Tio Abdon’s house for coffee. I loved that he was sitting outside and waiting for us on the bench by his house.

The kids loved his house, it has a cement open area they played in. And apparently broke the neighbor’s clothesline, but that is a story for another day.

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