Day 2- La Paz to Coroico

Road to Coroico

We were all pretty exhausted after traveling for 18 hours and only sleeping about 5-6 on Monday night. The awesome sleeper on the plane award goes to Aliyah.  We were thankful to Richard’s cousins who let us stay at their beautiful home in La Paz.  Richard and I shared a twin bed and the girls and Isaac slept in the room next door. Girls shared a bed also and everyone slept great. We woke up to amazing views of Iimani (the volcano) and a sunny day (it is cool in La Paz, similar climate to many mountain towns in fall.)

Richard’s 74 year old Uncle, Tio Samuel, offered to drive us the road to Coroico. This drive is extremely treacherous in parts and where the “road of death” is. We did not take that road because fog was rolling in as we moved down towards Coroico and it would be too dangerous.  Also it is usually busy now with mountain bikers.  We saw an amazing zip line as we were getting into the more tropical part. We stopped to buy fresh bread along the way, and to have ice cream( and to use the bathroom, which we had to pay for, and we were handed toilet paper, a few squares each with payment.) by a waterfall where bananas and avocados as big as grapefruit grow.  This drive included sweatshirts, sweaters, mountains, llamas, amazing cliffs, fog, clouds, so many waterfalls, hundreds of stray dogs, and by the time we got near Coroico, sticky humid and warm sunshine (think FL in springtime) and tropical flowers, lush vegetation.  All in 3 hours. We are now staying at a home that Richard’s other cousin lives in and his parents are staying upstairs. They have a 5 year old girl, Cielo, who is Aliyah’s new BFF.  The weather was so hot and sticky it was a bit difficult to sleep and the power went out for some reason before bed. But it was starting to storm and the mosquitos and bugs are pretty persistent so needing to sleep wth windows shut trumps being cool. (There are not screens on many windows here)

Answered prayers include safe drive without car seats and seatbelts on a crazy road, more family to stay with, gifts of invitations for every meal and coffee each day. Not too many mosquito bites, and getting to visit so many uncles and cousins here. Hearing stories Richard’s parents and siblings are telling are priceless memories we will always treasure.

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