Day 1- La Paz

Day 1

Our trip started off well with 4 pretty smooth flights from Denver to Miami, Miami to Lima,Peru, Then to Santa Cruz Bolivia and Santa Cruz to La Paz, Bolivia

Kids traveled awesome they slept some on the red eye, marveled at the crazy middle of the night meal service (except Aliyah who slept straight through dinner) and Isaac fell asleep on the table at breakfast.

Answered prayers included; health of all of us, no altitude sickness upon landing in La Paz (the highest airport in the world is basically like being dropped on the top of a 14-er with no chance to aclamate) wonderful places to stay with relatives and safety driving with 11 people in a 5 passenger vehicle sans seat belts or carseats.  We went out for dinner the first night at Pollo Copocabana.  Which was special because they don’t really eat dinner in Bolivia, they usually just have tea or coffee/pan at about 5pm.  Also because this place was a fast food place, famous for its fried chicken and French fries.  Imagine Chic Fil A with more salsa.

We did arrive without one suitcase, which wasnt super surprising considering the number of connecting flights. But it arrived a day later which was an awesome bonus.  Before we had left La Paz, so Richard’s uncle was able to pick up the suitcase before the 5 of us and his uncle and his brother and all our suitcases crammed into a pick up truck for the 3 hour drive down to Coroico.


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