Divine Invitation

We are studying the story of Jonah in our women’s Bible study. The concept of an interrupted life is one I had never thought of before reading Priscilla Shirer’s thoughts on how we can learn from this story of Jonah. (An excellent Bible study if you are interested!) When looking to these questions, I never thought of myself as feeling interrupted by God. And then Richard’s parents planned a trip to Bolivia, and his brother decided to go with them. For some reason, this made both Richard and I think about our plan to someday, when they were older, take our 3 kids to Bolivia, to see where their dad lived when he was a boy, where their Papi y Nana lived  and worked before they moved to the United States and meet some of their relatives.

Suddenly, I was facing the single biggest interruption of my life. Both Richard and I at different times felt God speaking to us about going.  What a chance to see this as a  divine invitation, an opportunity, rather than an interruption 😉

We are on our way, following God’s plan. If you would like to keep up with this wild adventure, we will try to post updates here.

We would be honored if you would keep us in your prayers.


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