Simple way to get kids to try more fruits and veggies

Simple way to get kids to try more fruits and veggies

Divided plates make lots of fruits and veggies seem more appealing for kids. Think lunchables, tv dinners, and anything else that seems cool to kids, little compartments are exciting! I got these on an after Christmas clearance for pennies a few years ago and they are the best for making quick, nutritious lunches. Featured here we have some leftover spaghetti/marinara sauce (PS mix spagetti squash into your cooked whole grain pasta if your kids don’t love plain squash. I have gotten them pretty much half and half proportion wise and no one is the wiser!) with sides of carrots/cucumber and apple slices, green salad. I have been giving my kids salad since they were big enough to try to chew. Considering I was raised eating salads that didn’t contain any greens (what? isn’t that just cheese and salad dressing? Yes, yes it is.) until I was at least in middle school…I feel this is at least a step in the right direction.

A new recipe I tried this week (just had a hankering to do some baking, even though I couldn’t eat it, though I did save one in the freezer to taste in 14 more days 🙂 Carrot Oatmeal Bars. I called them carrot cake bars and 2 out of 3 kids and about half of my Bible study liked them. The results were inconclusive as about half of my Bible study was not there, and I will have to taste them to give my review soon.

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