Trying a whole 30

Wow, it has been a while.  So here are a few updates.  

We are going to give the Whole 30 eating plan a start.  We have been working on eating whole foods, more protein/veggies and a little fruit with less sugar,etc.  But I feel like I need a boost, so this is something I want to try.  I definitely am excited, but intimidated (I love oatmeal!) to give up all grains, dairy, (boo, no homemade yogurt with fruit one of my favorite snacks.) soy (I have no affection for soy, but darn it, it is in everything!) and sugar.  Now, we have been cutting back sugar for a while, I love to bake, but have figured out that most things made with honey, sucanat, or even just less sugar taste great!  And, I have finally gotten rid of flavored coffee creamer once and for all in my house!  I blame 100daysofrealfood for this awesome recipe Maple Mocha.  Who knew, maple syrup and cocoa powder turns into super yummy chocolate syrup.  I have used this for hot cocoa as well (hooray for not using the storebought mix that contains hydrogenated oils and junk) and it is delicious.  I also have used a tiny bit of vanilla extract (I use my homemade vanilla,) with slightly less maple syrup and almond/coconut milk for a vanilla latte instead of mocha.  Both are sooo yummy!  

Anyways, so here we go to black coffee with coconut cream and lots of veggies, eggs, salads, and meat.  If anyone else wants to try the whole 30, we are starting on March 8th in order to have a few days to plan/prepare, grocery shop, etc.  

I will try to update often, I am a bit busy with Let’s Play Music teaching, recruiting, and working on a committee to plan our annual convention/symposium, so I doubt it will be daily.

Comment or e mail me and let me know if you are in.  

Here is info on the Whole 30 and why we are not doing it forever.   I also have been following Jessica’s experience with this and want to thank her for inspiring me.  She has a great blog with lots of good recipes and whole 30 meal plans.  


One thought on “Trying a whole 30

  1. Wow That sound so cool!! You are so strong and committed!! I will pray for you guys. Please let me know how it goes!!
    Good luck amiga!!!

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