Oops !

I licked the lid to my daughter’s pudding cup and I’m not proud of it. I’m even more disgusted that I did it without thinking, and then I was like darn it! It wasn’t even something worthwhile like a good piece of chocolate. Oh well, I have moved on and am back on the wagon. The dessert free wagon that is. That sounds like the saddest
wagon ever.
In other news we have found a new favorite family snack. After the candy craze lately, my kids were asking for ” a bissert,” ( that’s dessert, for those of you not fluent in 2 year old.) after every meal! Yes, even breakfast! Now I am definitely from the ” everything in moderation ” camp, and goodness knows with my love of baking, my kids are allowed to eat cookies sometimes. Anywho, we have been trying to get back into healthy habits like snacking on mostly fruits and veggies, and our new autumn dessert treat is…
Apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon! I know it sounds simple, but folks, call the cinnamon ” cinnamon sprinkles,” slice the apples nice and thin, and even toddlers will be clamoring over who gets the last slice. Tonight I did 1 Granny Smith and 1 Fuji and the combo of sour and sweet was great!
How us everyone else doing on no dessert November? Have you slipped up yet? Do you kind of want a cinnamon sprinkled apple now?


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