Bringing it back! And updates

Well hello! I am so excited to be back in the blogging world, hopefully more regularly posting again.
Some updates for us, we finally sold our house after being under contract for a month this past summer, then it falling through, re-listing and then selling in September, closing and moving mid-October. We are blessed to be in our new home in Windsor and finally getting settled. Whew!
I’m not sure which part I was more excited about, moving or NO MORE showings! Hallelujah, praise Jesus!
Anyways, I am loving teaching Let’s Play Music and my students are all doing amazing! I am so blessed to be able to work from home and love what I do.
Ok, after weeks of moving/packing quick meals and of course a few fall treats and now a weekend of my mother in law’s delicious cooking, I have dug out my work out videos (hello Jillian!) and ready to try get back in a healthy routine.
I feel the need to bring back “No Dessert November,” in order to jump start my getting back into a healthy routine and Hopefully to lose a few lbs along the way.
If you would like to join me, please comment or Facebook me to let me know you are on board. My general guidelines from last year which I will be repeating are no sweets, cutting out most sugar, other than a little honey or xylitol for my tea. I did use coffee creamer, but may try to cut back on that also. I’m planning no desserts Until Thanksgiving day, but will have a piece of pie on thanksgiving and enjoy it đŸ™‚
Anyone else want to try?

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