How I save money using Swagbucks

First of all, HI!  Apparently blogging has no place in a world where my house is on the market and I am starting a new job.  Oh yes, and I have 3 kids.  And it is summer vacation, Holla!  Any other moms feel like summer = CHAOS mixed with swimming?

Anyways, Our house sold (Hallelujah!  No more showings!  aka mad cleaning sessions while the kids watch more tv than they have ever watched in their lives…)

The new job is GREAT!  Still wanting to check out Let’s Play Music!?!?  I have one more FREE sample class session coming up, click here to see when and Facebook, E-Mail, comment on the blog, or call me to let me know you want me to reserve a space for your 4-6 year old 🙂

And now, for the money saving advice.  When you search online, instead of using google or whatever, just set Swagbucks as your home page and use it.  You earn swagbucks basically for doing nothing and the search is powered by Google and Ask anyways so you still find what you are looking for.  Then, every 450 sb you earn, you can buy a $5 gift card to Amazon (or whatever you want, I just think this is the best deal.)  You can spend these for whatever you want, groceries, books, music, basically anything Amazon carries, which is a great deal of stuff.  I usually maximize my $ by saving till I have 20-$25 of gift cards (average of $5 a month is what I earn,) and then using FREE Super Saver Shipping.  Basically I order Christmas gifts, natural peanut butter, coconut oil, birthday books, my favorite Jillian work out DVD’s, etc for super cheap/FREE!

Try it, you will LOVE all the freebies/money saving!

🙂 Robin


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