Another Pinterest success, Shaklee safe “Febreeze”

Well after my last post about the amazing amount of pins I have on my “treats to try” board on Pinterest, someone suggested I should do a blog of 365 things I tried on Pinterest.  Being that we still have our house on the market, it is Spring Soccer season, another birthday this week, and we just finished Easter (AKA the second busiest season in the church calendar,) I feel that may need to wait.  On a serious note, if you went to church last weekend, take a minute to thank/say a prayer for the amazing amounts of Pastors, staff, volunteers, who made that happen.  Our church is rather large and was packed out as usual, and I just am amazed at how much dedication so many people put into making the services “seeker friendly,” and such a time of celebration.  My husband and his team worked like crazy to do some super cool staging/media effects to make the services just that much more impactful for each person who walked in the door, in the hope that someone would be touched and their heart would be softened.  Incredible.  I heard at one of the other campuses, a soldier asked to be baptized after the service.  Jesus SAVES!

Mooooving on….I can now live in a fresh smelling house all the time, because of another awesome Pinterest experiment.

So, to preface this, we have our house listed for sale and so we have had tons of showings.  The way this works in modern times is that the agent who shows the home sends feedback via e mail to our realtor with a short 5 question surgery saying things like ” was the property clean?” Is the price about right?  etc.  Well, the first few showings we had 2 people comment that the house had a strange odor.  If you have never been to my house let me assure you, our house does not stink!  We seriously were tripping out for a bit because we have never noticed anything, not did our realtor or anyone else we asked.  We take the trash out often, the adults use deodorant, we all bathe and clean regularly, and do not keep dirty diapers around, roll in manure, let anyone smoke in it, etc.  SERIOUSLY we were asking pregnant ladies to  come sniff it for payment to see if anyone noticed anything.  It honestly usually smells like the last thing I baked/cooked most of the time because we use the kitchen 24/7.

The ONLY thing we could determine is that being that we are all Shaklee cleaning products household and have been for about 3 years was that the house does not have any cleaner smell.  Example:  windex, lysol, laundry detergent, etc.  Anyways, I am not about to go buy a bunch of scented candles/chemical air freshners/poisons to scent my house with fragrance because the general public thinks clean has a smell.  Clean smells like nothing people, NOTHING!  Not lemon, pine, or “apple mango tango,” “honeyberry hula,” or “lavender serenity.”  I did not make those up.  Those are actual cleaner scents.  Seriously.  Google laundry detergent scents, fascinating.

Getting off my soap box now.  Although, if you care, Shaklee is free to join this month with any order so if you have ever wanted to try any cleaning product that is safe for your family/home and once you are a member you are for life so it is a GREAT value.  No pressure, no minimum orders, etc.  Just message me or call me for details.

Anyways, I looked online after we were getting desperate to make our non smelly house smell like something that wouldn’t hurt us and I found this pin on how to make homemade “febreze” type spray so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try on some washable fabrics in case it doesn’t work.  I used my Shaklee fabric softener which is lightly scented, baking soda, and hot water.  It is AMAZING!!!  And, no one has commented anything about smells/scents/odors since we started spraying the house with it before showings.  We use it on carpets, bedding, towels, couches, etc and have had great success.

I use my empty Shaklee bottle (approx 12 oz) and fill mostly with very warm water, then 1 TB baking soda, 1 TB liquid fabric softener and TADA!  Shake and spray!  It costs pennies to make, and can be refilled easily or adapted to fit whatever size spray bottle you have.

I did all the upholstery in our vehicle (which does have a funky smell, thanks to the previous owners, getting it detailed soon!) and it helped to make it smell fresher.

So, in conclusion, make some homemade febreeze and if you use Shaklee, you know it won’t even hurt your kids/pets.  Lovely.

Thank you for not smoking.

The End.

PS full disclosure, I totally am a Shaklee distributor and I would not post about their products if I did not use them and think they were awesome.


2 thoughts on “Another Pinterest success, Shaklee safe “Febreeze”

  1. I have an over sensitivity to smell. And your house did not stink, it just did not smell, and now it still does not smell wonderfully. So glad you understand clean does not have a smell.
    I love using products that actually get the job done, but do not burn my nose while I am using that, Thanks for the intro to shaklee.

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