Cranberry coffee, Quesidilla fun, and Pinterest Peanut butter chip cookies

Happy Monday to you!  I love starting off the day with a cup of hot coffee during breakfast.  I rarely drank coffee prior to meeting my hubby, but my Bolivian family drinks serious coffee.  They have coffee for breakfast and coffee before bed (no, not decaf, I wondered too when I first discovered that tradition.)  Coffee time is a social time and I really love sitting with my hubby for even few minutes and talking over a mug of coffee (his with a little sugar, hers with a splash of milk/coffee creamer.)  Breakfast is usually the one meal our family eats together as sometimes dinners are rather sporadic with Richard’s crazy work schedule/rehearsals and now spring soccer is starting!

I set down my coffee and went up stairs for a minute and I came down to this.  See those little red dots?


Those would be dried cranberries.  One minute the baby was sprinkling them on her oatmeal, the next minute my coffee was speckled with them.  I did taste it and I do not believe that this will be a new flavor of Nestle Flavored Coffee Creamer anytime soon.

Ok, so Quesidilla tips.

1.  Go to King Soopers and buy Muenster Enchilado Cheese from the deli (ask for sliced, and I have never paid more than $3.99/lb in the past 2 years since we discovered it.

2.  If you do not have a quesidilla maker, I am sorry (they are pretty cheap at Target or Kohls, especially around the Holidays.)  You can definitely use a regular skillet and just flip them carefully.

3.  Use leftovers to make them awesome, we love roasted veggies (my fav!) leftover taco meat, rice, black or pinto beans, fresh chopped spinach or cilantro, shredded cooked chicken or turkey, the possibilities, oh the possibilities.

4.  Top with delicious accompaniments such as sour cream, guacamole or avocado slices, chopped cilantro, salsa, pico de gallo, etc.  Enjoy a family friendly, super easy dinner!



Also, I found this recipe on pinterest and I spontaneously bought peanut butter chips today in hope that I could remember which board I pinned it to and have time to bake this afternoon.  Holy yum.  Seriously, delish and not healthy at all.  Full of white flour, sugar, and we even added pastel Easter M&M’s to some in addition to the Peanut Butter chips for a vanilla rich, delicious and CUTE cookie.  We shared some and ate lots for dessert tonight, but I may need to freeze or give away the rest before I finish the batch.

Ok, better go eat one more for good measure and set my alarm to run an extra mile in the morning!

Have a good night!

Are you on pinterst?  Do you ever actually make things you pin?  I have been on pinterest for just over a month and I have like 50 pins on my “treats to try board.”  I seriously better get baking!  Also, I feel my working out board helps balance my treats board, is that goofy?  Image


4 thoughts on “Cranberry coffee, Quesidilla fun, and Pinterest Peanut butter chip cookies

  1. You (someone) could make a blog 365 days of pinterest. And do a project a day.,,well that may be a little to much but imagine if you even did one project a week! Or I guess you could do a recipe a day..(or a recipe a week)

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