Fingernails and Fruity Pebbles

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Well, amidst the general working out harder/more often and eating healthier I do feel there are still days for a bowl of fruity pebbles.  You see, just yesterday I had a conversation with someone about the benefits/concerns about soy.  It seems that no matter what research/study you read about how good something is for you, there are just as many things recommending you avoid it all together.  Be vegan, eat Paleo/Primal, eat more whole grains, don’t eat grains, whole raw milk/no dairy, etc. etc. etc.  Pretty much the only thing most can agree on that processed food is bad for you.  So, when I am sitting next a bowl full of organic oranges ready to peel and eat and tons of bananas, it is hard to believe why anyone would eat anything but these seemingly healthy choices, right in front of me.  And yet some days, I really want a bowl of fruity pebbles.  (Disclaimer, I do not usually buy fruity pebbles or other junky type cereals, but sometimes I find them for AMAZING deals on the GG and it is a fun treat for my kids (Ok, ok, me too!)

So, the thing I have to remember is that in general, God created this world and everything in it for us to enjoy and sometimes that means eating a bowl of fruity pebbles (which I realize although God created color, fruit, and pebbles, man created this crazy concoction in our bowls…hang in there, I have a point.)  I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a treat/fill in the blank with whatever random thing you have a taste for once in a while.  I do not feed my kids or myself fruity pebbles every day, and rarely do my kids eat cereal for breakfast anyways.  They eat so healthy 90% of the time that I don’t feel bad if we have a relatively unhealthy snack sometimes.

Also, I don’t feel bad if sometimes i blow off dishes or whatever chore needs to be done in favor of painting my 1 1/2 year old’s fingernails outside in the sunshine.  This I realize is totally ridiculous, she is too young to appreciate much, including not to make a fist with wet nails  🙂   However, the memory we made was priceless and she melts everyone’s heart every time she shows them her “pretty!”

Last night I had laundry to fold and the last thing I wanted to do was spend time on pampering type things (can you tell, I am not much of a glamour girl 🙂 but i had promised Bella we would paint our toenails (Flip flop weather is here!  Woo Hoo!)  after Aliyah was in bed.  Well those precious moments on the front porch were something I would never trade, and yes I still have laundry to fold.

My point is, take advantage of living this life to the Glory of God and this means to ENJOY what He has given us.  Fruity Pebbles, fingernails, and so much more.  Enjoy your weekend!


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