I made myself lunch- Thai Turkey Burgers


so I don’t ever make myself lunch.  I usually eat leftovers from supper the night before or make a quick salad of bagged greens mixed with whatever leftover protein I can find topped with some simple nuts/fruit. Or I eat soup.  I love soups.  I often make huge batches of veggie based soups so I can munch on them for lunch for a week.  Yum.  Now I want some chicken tortilla soup.  Anyways, so the other day I had made this delicious dinner which we were totally having for dinner again that night because I made so much of it (recipe to come!)  This meant no meal prep for our evening meal and thus I could whip myself up a new recipe I had totally been wanting to try ever since I saw it posted on IowaGirlEats.com


Thai Turkey Burgers for lunch!  Woo Hoo!  So I quickly busted out the food processor and chopped the veggies and added to the ground turkey mixture and then dumped it all in a pan with a bit of melted coconut oil and can I just say, Oh My Word.  These are so delish!  I have to mention the peanut sauce, it would be good on anything, I mean anything.  I wanted to drink it.  Seriously.  So good.

What I did end up doing was taking half the turkey burgers and frying them in a pan with coconut oil and the other half I put in the oven and baked.  Definitely like the way the baked ones cooked better, but I would have to try this on the grill to make my final decision.  I crumbled one leftover turkey burger over mixed greens for lunch today and drizzled peanut sauce over the salad and kind of licked the bowl clean.

Also, it should be pointed out that 2 of my 3 kids tasted and ate this.  I purposely made it for lunch for myself because I didn’t think anyone would touch it.  Now, I am thinking it will be making a dinner appearance sometime soon on our monthly menu.

Well, enjoy the deliciousness that is turkey burgers and more new recipes to come!


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