Jillian’s 30 day Shred: a review (repost)

I would just like to say, that anytime I am struggling with working out, I feel the need to re-read this post and it helps me to get my buns out of bed and get my work out done before my kids get up.  Amen.

This is a repost from when Aliyah was barely 2 months old.  She is now 20 months old and can do my Jillian workout DVD’s better than I can.

Originally posted in August of 2010:  So I decided to break my “I just had a baby and am supposed to be this fat” rut by starting to work out. My sister who had her 7 lb baby a month after I had my 8 lb girlie is officially skinnier than I and thus it is time to add working out to my fantastic dieting plan of breastfeeding and eating cookies.

So, here is my review of my first experience of this workout DVD, many thanks to my dear friend Laura who lent me her copy to try it out.

Day 1

This is a 20 minute DVD, I put on my shorts and tennis shoes and plan to quickly work out while my 8 week old naps and my 2 and 4 year old play.

I get started with the warm up, the 4 year old asks if he can exercise with Mommy, I agree and we stretch together. I spend a few minutes explaining why jumping jacks are called that and do 10. I realize I should have worn a sports bra to contain these massive milk bags and remember the baby needs to eat in about 15 minutes. I do 10 more while clutching my breasts, one in each hand to minimize the “elephant standing on my chest” pressure I am getting while I do each jack. Why are they called jumping jacks anyways? And who is this Jack? I add sports bra to my Target list.

Jillian picks up hand weights, the 4 year old is smart and informs me that we need those things to do this exercise. I get 2 soup cans out of the cabinet to use and start the strength portion of the DVD with diced tomatoes in each palm. My four year old whines that he has no tomatoes and I inform him that he can use the individual cups of applesauce we bought on the grocery game 2 weeks ago. He is DELIGHTED because those are normally saved for special trips like the zoo or park and runs to the basement to get a 6 pack of tree top. The 2 year old hears the word applesauce and abandons her dolls to find out why we are having a snack without her. I explain the applesauce is really hand weights and she can have some too. I do 10 reps and get them each 2 cups of applesauce to use.

The 4 year old drops an applesauce on his eye while doing the mat exercise. I stop to get the spiderman ice pack and encouarage him to sit out the next 10 reps. The 2 year old has now noticed I am wearing shoes in the carpeted living room and wants to know why she can not wear hers. I figure the explanation will take longer than the 11 minutes of workout left so I suggest she go find some socks. I help her put her tennis shoes on the right feet and compliment her brave fashion choice of pink and purple and green striped knee socks and a hawaiian sundress while I catch the last 5 reps of strength training.

I start the cool down by breaking up a fight between them and pick up the baby and realize she has a wet diaper and needs a change of clothes. I change the baby, sit down on the couch to nurse her and ask one of the kids to bring me a cookie as Jillian tells me how proud I am of myself.

Jillian, I like your workout, it didn’t feel like 20 minutes, you are right, it felt much, oh so much longer. Love Robin

PS I did break a sweat and get my heart rate up so I think I will try again tomorrow.

For the record, I do now own 2 sets of hand weights and no one has dropped any applesauce on their eye in at least a month.  🙂


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