healthy recipes I have tried

So along with the clean eating we have been doing, I have tried a few recipes.  

After I tried the low carb pizza crusts made with veggies, I wanted to try to freeze a few for quick lunches for myself.  I topped one with red peppers, cilantro, spinach, and a little cheddar cheese and ate that one for lunch today.  I froze the remaining three and while searching (have you tried swag bucks?!) how to properly flash freeze these, I found this breadstick recipe also.  YUM!  This was a great use for another $0.99 head of cauliflower I got from last weeks grocery game.  Cheap and healthy, love it!  

Then I finally got some Sucanat to use as a healthier sweetener in baking and after I got past the super strong molasses smell (molasses reminds me of feeding sheep when I was a kid.  We used to mix it in their food to fatten them up…) I tried 2 new recipes.  

Both were good, both were different, but yummy.  

The first one was for Laura’s healthier brownies.  I love reading what Laura has to say about feeding her family healthy, whole, natural foods and I have wanted to get some sucanat ever since I first read about it on her blog.  I have been looking for it and not found it anywhere, but my sister finally spotted some at Whole Foods, in Fort Collins and picked me up a couple pounds.  (Thanks Jod!)

These Coconut Flour Brownies are fudgy, yummy, and gluten free!  (Dairy free also, if you use coconut oil.)  I sprinkled chocolate chips on top, which are not technically clean, but I think a little bit of dark chocolate is fine in moderation.  Especially when you consider all the awesome health benefits of using coconut flour.  All of us liked these, and they do not taste like coconut.  They did taste better after a few hours and even better the next day rather than hot out of the oven.  

I think the sucanat flavor mellows out as they cool or something.  These are not overly sweet, and I did use a bit less sucanat than the recipe called for.  

I also used whole wheat flour and some sucanat to make some blueberry muffin tops for breakfast, but I will save that post for tomorrow.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  

Have you ever tried Sucanat?  Image 


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