Pepperocini Beef for shredded beef tacos

This is a favorite recipe so I think it deserves a repost since I made it again tonight. I love putting a roast in the crockpot and having shredded beef tacos 8 hours later!
Pepperocini Beef
So I did try a new recipe this week…

It was so good! We used the beef to make open face sandwiches on some homemade rolls topped with a slice of muenster enchilado cheese. They were so good and the recipe couldn’t be easier! I’m already excited to make this again using some flour tortillas instead of rolls. Shredded Beef tacos anyone?


One thought on “Pepperocini Beef for shredded beef tacos

  1. So yummy! I have made Pioneer Woman’s version of this and it has become a family favorite…the only difference is that her version also has Italian Seasoning (I use Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix). We love it on Sourdough rolls and topped with pepper jack cheese. Nice and tangy! Tacos is an excellent idea. Might have to try that with the leftovers. We also double it and freeze half so that we don’t have to wait all day next time we want it. 🙂

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