Love and Logic

Have you seen this video online?  It is titled Facebook parenting or something like that.

Warning, contains some rather inappropriate language, gun violence, and lots of smoking…not sure what this makes it rated, but, caution if you are easily offended and do not watch with kids in the room!

The basic theme is, some girl was disrespectful and so her dad decided to give her an earful on video and shoot her laptop full of holes.  Basically he uses a similar approach as love and logic but, without the love and empathy.

I was introduced to Love and Logic about a year ago at MOPS.  My good friend Linda Motter who is a facilitator, graciously agreed to do a mini-presentation for our MOPS group and then did a follow up  class.  I learned SO much!  At the time, we were struggling with adjustments from adding our 3rd child to our family and the effect it had on our then 4 year old and 2 year old.  We were also struggling with figuring out how to be consistent in our parenting as well as dealing with some major testing/power struggles with our oldest.

We have learned so much!  I checked out some books from the library and later purchased one to have as a reference.  I can not get over how much more fun parenting is now, I still have my moments I am not proud of, but over all, there is more peace in our home.

I highly recommend love and logic for anyone who is a parent, this book was my most recent read

How to make the best of Sibling Rivalry  was a really good review of some of the basic love and logic principles as well as lots of great tips for dealing with arguing.  Can I get an Amen?!  Does anyone else feel they use the word argue too much?  “Stop arguing!  You need to do it without arguing.  Take turns, no arguing.”  I feel the word is overused in my vocabulary.  Yikes.

If you want more information, they have lots of free stuff on their website and you can subscribe to weekly e mails that have great parenting tips.

Linda teaches classes locally and is a wonderful teacher and speaker!  

Facilitator: Linda Motter
City: Windsor
State: CO
Province / Region:
Zip: 80528
Country: United States
Telephone: 970-581-5078


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