Guitar humidifiers and heart shaped foods

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This is how you know when you are married to a musician.

We will not talk about the amount of guitar pics I find in my dryer.

I thought it was about time I explain the story of how I found this guy and his guitars.  Rather, how God allowed these 2 hearts, who were born over 4,000 miles apart to come together in a way only He could have ordained.

About 8 years ago, this girl lived in California, taught first graders, and sometimes sang on the worship team at church.  Amazingly, about that same time, this handsome guitar player, who also played keys, sometimes led worship at various venues at the same church.  Well, one time he asked the girl to help him sing at an event.  She agreed and they sang.  Then a few days later she was on stage rehearsing and she found a guitar pic.  Figuring it must have been his, she returned  it to his office with a little post it note saying “Is this yours?  🙂 Robin ”

Well, he was amazed and awed that she could break into his office and that she would care enough to return the guitar pic, plus I think he thought she was cute, but I can’t be exactly sure as I am the narrator.  Well, one thing led to another and conversations led to more conversations which led to a “Hey I’ll buy you dinner to thank you for helping me out” and a ” is this a date? It’s wasn’t date debate which continues until this very moment in the living room February 14, 2012…

And then after a few more dinners and conversations, some family birthday parties and weddings and service calls, there was a conversation with a dad, a ring, and a lot of celebrating!  And then, on June 11, 2004

there was this video

After the video, I walked down the aisle.  Wait, not me, the narrator, the girl in the story…

you get the idea.

To Be Continued…Image

making something heart shaped, is a simple way to make the meal special, like these yogurt biscuits!


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