Cauliflower pizza crust and one minute chocolate cake

Well these were both awesome.  First of all, I have wanted to try the newest low carb sensation sweeping the internet and coupled with the delightful cauliflower sale on the grocery game, I had a lot of veggies to use up last week!  We ate lots of cauliflower raw, dipped in homemade ranch dressing, (which I will have to share on here soon, as I have pretty much stopped buying it,)

Anyways, after we roasted a bunch of cauliflower drizzled in olive oil and seasoned with paprika/salt/pepper and had that for dinner and leftovers for lunch, we were getting a little bored…Enter cauliflower pizza crust!  I followed this recipe exactly

I was thrilled after I made the first one and it turned out!  I made two more with traditional pizza toppings/sauce, but mine I added some barbecue sauce and tons of veggies, oh my healthy deliciousness!  It was really good!  Not the same as traditional crust, but still yummy pizza.  The kids were not wild about the crust, but they all ate it.  My carb-loving husband literally added a piece of bread to his (oh honey,) and commented that it tasted like pasta, but even he ate it!

So, if you have a lot of extra cauliflower or want a low carb alternative to regular crust, try this variation!

Ok, after skipping all those carbs at dinner, I was feeling awesome so I made this cake for dessert!

If you have been reading this blog at all, you know I adore Chocolate Covered Katie and her healthy desserts, last time I saw this recipe was during my break from junk food and I seriously had to stop reading the recipe so I wouldn’t make it.  Anyways, since I have been back on the wagon, (ha ha! seriously sometimes I crack myself up) of eating sweets in moderation, I have made this twice!

Delicious, not too sweet, and sprinkled with a handful of dark chocolate chips, it is deliciousness in a bowl.  I used whole wheat flour and coconut oil for my version.  Enjoy some healthier recipes and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!  ImageImageImageImage


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