Green Smoothies

So I realize the color green is not always associated with this upcoming holiday, but I pretty much enjoy a green smoothie every week, so I am putting it up anyways!

So these are not my idea, and lots of bloggers seems to have their own versions of “Green Monsters” or other green smoothies.  Kristin over at was the inspiration for mine, but we have used Tammy’s strawberry green smoothie recipe of as well.  You can play around with it to make it the way you want it and use whatever you have on hand, this is just my usual recipe/method.

Add milk to blender, I start with about 1 Cup, depending on how many I am making smoothies for, usually to feed myself a snack size and the 3 kids a small cup, so maybe 2-3 C total?

Anyways, to the milk I add the peanut butter and protein powder and blend for a few seconds.  Then fill the blender with spinach and blend away until smooth.  Sometimes I have to stop and scrape down the sides.  Add more spinach if you like, until it is super green and smooth.  Then add frozen banana chunks (I usually buy those marked down bananas at the grocery store, you know the really ripe ones that are like $0.35/lb because they are squishy in spots?   If you slice them up and spread them out in ziploc bags and freeze them.  They are perfect for melting for oatmeal or blending in smoothies, and the squishier they are, the sweeter the taste! ) until it is thick and delicious.  Enjoy with a straw.  Or, like my 1 year old, dump it out on your plate and then use your hands to scoop it up and lick them off.  Whatever floats your boat.

Ingredients for Green Smoothie
Blend all this together and your have a peanut butter flavored, green milkshake!

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