Aftermath of no Junk Food, Chocolate Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal , and things I love!

So, I think the whole month of promoting healthier choices has done something awesome.  I bought so much produce this week!  We are going through fruit and veggies like crazy and my kids are doing  stuff like requesting to help me make a broccoli dome for dinner and asking if they can please just have one more banana for dessert?  I have enjoyed eating a piece of chocolate or a cookie from time to time, but I am really reaching for the healthy stuff more often.

OK, in all honesty, as I write this I am sitting here eating a piece of tomorrow’s breakfast for dessert. It is a no sugar added recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Baked Oatmeal!  Sweetened with bananas instead of sugar and full of whole grains and protein, it will delight your family and start your day off right!

I have made this 3 times last month when I was craving chocolate/sweets and couldn’t eat the real stuff.  Now in all honesty, I made this today and sprinkled some chocolate chips on top which is amazing, but you can totally eliminate them if you want a purely healthy recipe.

In other news, have you seen this?  I saw it posted on another one of my favorite recipe blogs and thought she is so lucky, there are tons of grocery stores in CA, we will probably not be able to find it here.  Oh my word, I love white chocolate and when I spotted it at King Soopers on Monday (after my very exciting morning of unplanned adventures 🙂 I tossed one in the cart without a second thought.  Cream cheese with a sweet white chocolate flavor?  It is like cream cheese icing!  Oh Glory, top your bagel or toast with this and you will delight in every last crumb!  I bet graham crackers would be amazing!

ImageImageDisclaimer, I do not work for Philadelphia or Kraft, I just love this stuff!  Kraft has never heard of me as far as I know, but if someone from Kraft reads this, Thank you for making this white chocolate cream cheese, I love it!

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