Some Greek Food, a cute story, and the days after No Junk Food January…

Well, I thought the first of February was going to be off to a smashing success starting with a delicious dinner, new recipes, and dessert for the first time in a month.  

The truth is, the dinner was great, the new recipes were awesome, and the dessert wasn’t quite what I anticipated.  

I had these recipes on my “things to try list” from an awesome recipe blog, which I adore because my best friend has the same name, (Hi Mel!) and because the recipes are fabulous!  I saw the soft wrap bread first and then I found the chicken Gyros and I was so excited to try them both.  I planned a fun Greek food night and was excited to introduce something new to my kids who I don’t think have ever had anything Greek and to have a fond little walk down “Memory Lane” with my hubby.  

You see, once when we were dating, we went to this cute little Greek restaurant in Santa Cruz.  We ate, we laughed, we had pita bread and I don’t even remember what else to eat.  However, I do remember what happened when my handsome boyfriend went to pay, with his credit card, because he never carried cash.  They did not take credit cards!  Or debit cards, or anything besides cash as far as I remember, but they did say there was an ATM across the street or down the block or somewhere nearby.  This is the cute part, so they told Richard he could go to the ATM and leave me as collateral.  He refused, and left his Drivers License instead.  I thought it was charming!  Anyways, bring on the Greek food!  

Well, the soft wraps are delicious, they would make super yummy anything wraps, and we did eat a few hot off the griddle with nothing on them, but butter and honey would probably make a delicious topping as well.  Also, I plan to use these as make your own mini pizza crusts and I will let you know if that works as well in real life as I think it is going to in my head.  

The Gyros are very tasty, I liked the chicken and the tzatziki sauce but unless you love garlic, I would highly suggest going easy on that.  We used the minimum in both cases and we all thought it was a little heavy on the garlic for our tastes.  We serves them with chopped sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, and romaine lettuce for toppings which made them taste fresh and delicious.  The kids all ate some and then finished the bread and some of the chicken.  To be fair, they had eaten tons of bread while I was cooking it and may have been kinda full already.  

Anyways, so the irony of a month without sweets, was that I had a small scoop of ice cream with chocolate sauce on it for dessert after the Greek dinner and seriously had an upset stomach!  I wish I knew if the sweets or the extreme amount of garlic in the dinner was to blame or if it was the combo…but I was seriously regretting both that night!  

So after a day of super healthy eating and feeling fine/back to normal, today I took the plunge and ate some leftover Gyros for lunch.  (It was so good I was willing to risk the indigestion or whatever!)  Anyways, good news.  I felt fine, which probably means it was the sugar or the combo of both.  

Which I guess is not a bad thing,  🙂


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