DAY 31! Hooray, we made it!

Hooray for February tomorrow!

For those of you who have been joining me on “No Junk Food January” or at least following the progress, we all need to say a little HOORAY for making it through 31 days of healthier choices.  For any amount of thought towards less junk food and more healthy food, we need to celebrate making it through the month.  I encourage you to celebrate your success and not dwell on the struggles and the M&M’s… 🙂

The biggest thing I have learned over the past month, was I needed to retrain my brain to get rid of some habits pertaining to when and how often I eat sweets and truly make them more of a “once in a while food” as I have taught my kids to say.   Something simple I have done is slice up some fruit for lunch and set it on the table with us so that if I crave something sweet when I am done eating, it is right there and in front of me.

All that to say, I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies tonight and I totally intend to eat one with pleasure tomorrow.  Or maybe at midnight.  We’ll see.  🙂

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