Xylitol, rinses, and dental health UPDATE

Robin's JOY

This is a crazy topic to bring up on here, because it does not involve cooking, baking, kids, saving money, or Shaklee…but, I am excited to share what we have learned.  I read a blog that mentioned this last year and we did some research about Xylitol and its benefits and talked to our pediatric dentist as well as our regular dentist and they both recommended it so we are now on board.  We use the complete mouth care system which basically means we use 3 rinses each time we brush our teeth.  We use Closys (can buy at Walgreens, it is kind of expensive but I stockpile it when it is on sale,  and it is worth it in my opinion.) before brushing with Crest regular toothpaste.  Then after we use Listerine and then ACT fluoride rinse.  Twice a day every day.  We have been doing this for almost…

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