My grocery game haul, and some random comments

First of all, please do not judge me for my 2 extra large bottles of flavored coffee creamer, thank you.

Although, I do plan I trying this sometime soon, YUM!

Grocery Game on 1/29/12

Second of all, I do this to demonstrate the amount of groceries that you can get for a fair price AND to show that you can eat relatively healthy/whole foods and still grocery game/use coupons.

6 boxes of Kleenex for for $0.66 each, 2 boxes of cool touch kleenex, 1 for free, 1 for $0.20 I think

2 boxes of wheat thins and 1 box of triscuits for $1.32 each

Kraft Shredded Parmesan cheese $4.59 (yikes, this is for a new recipe, hope it is worth it!)

4 Yoplait yougurts on manager markdown for $0.39 each

Dannon yogurt crunchables 4 packs, 3 of them, for 1.50 each

Solo paper plates for (birthday cakes for 2, next month!)

Private selection Organic russet potatoes, 3 lb bag for 1.99

Dreyers ice cream, 48 oz for 2.99

French’s mustard 14 oz for $0.89

Private Selection organic romaine lettuce $1.79 manager markdown

Johnsonville Chicken Apple Sausage $2.99

Coffeemate creamer Coconut Cream and White Chocolate Caramel, (YUM!)  for $2.65 each

Muenster Enchilado Cheese sliced, (This makes the BEST quesidillas!) 2 lbs, $8.34

6.16lbs of Bananas, $0.55/lb $3.39 total

Virginia Ham slices, $0.95

Birdseye Steamers Veggies $0.99

Pepperidge Farm Honey Wheat Goldfish Sandwich thins, These are beyond cute, wish the ingredients list was shorter though.  $1.49

Romaine Salad mix $0.99

Kroger Spinach $1.99

Cucumber $1.00

Silk Pure Coconut milk 64 oz x2 for $1.79 each

Hunts Tomato Paste .49, Tomato sauce, .89, Tomatoes-3 @ .19 ea, 4 @.49 ea

Albacore tuna -4 @ .99 ea

2 Barilla whole grain pasta $0.50 ea

Airborne Chewables $3.49 (has anyone ever tried these?  We use regular airborne but this was the first time I had seen these.)

Sunspire Organic Dark Chocolate chips, 9 oz $2.74  (I never buy these, but we just tried them last month and they were great! )

2 $1./40 ea.  Quaker Granola bars, 10 ct.

Gum Kids Toothbrushes, 2 pack $1.00 I bought 4 of these, does anyone else feel their 1 year old drops toothbrushes in or near the toilet on purpose?!?  EWWW!  Replacements for $0.50 each, yes please!

Sunsweet Plum Amazins Diced Plums 9 oz, $0.99 (good on oatmeal with raisins mixed in)

Chili Powder $1.00, this is super cheap, I hope I don’t regret this after I taste the quality.

Bell Pepper 1.00, Roma Tomato, .24, Lemon .39, carrots 1.50

2 Gallons of whole milk, 1 of 2% milk for 1.97 each

Zone Bar free,

UP2U gum free

Total 101.69 with tax.  Total saved, 82.06


4 thoughts on “My grocery game haul, and some random comments

  1. I got some berry flavored Airborne Chewables in my stocking this year and they are SOUR! I can handle one at a time, but since the serving size is 4 tablets, I’ve decided to stick with the dissolving kind. 🙂

    1. we bought the orange flavored ones, Richard woke up with a sore throat so he took them to work today, so I guess he will be the guinea pig! Tee Hee!
      I wondered about the serving size, because I read that it is 4 at a time, but the regular ones doesn’t it say to take them like every 4 hours or something? I don’t know anymore, this is making me want to do research b/c there was some controversy about airborne a while back that I don’t remember the details. I do however love airborne because I am pretty sure it is the only way I survived my first year (or 2!) of teaching! 🙂

      1. Hi there – We have switched to Emergen-C – Better price point, we all love the taste, don’t know about getting the little ones to drink it – but it seems to keep the crud at bay.

      2. Interesting! I have wondered about that, I will have to give it a try next time. Maybe it will be on the Grocery Game soon? I don’t think I have ever seen it, but this time of year they tend to put lots of cold products/vitamins on sale…
        Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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