Friday Favorites and Day 27

Well today is Friday and lots of blogs host their favorite things.  My favorite blog to read on Fridays is  Kristin has the best ideas and always makes me want to try lots of yummy recipes!  Plus, I went to college in Iowa and so I always will have a little soft spot for the midwest way of life 🙂  Although not the weather.

Anyways, day 27 is ok, although I did make some muffins that everyone deemed “tasted healthy” which is definitely not a plus.  The Rhubarb Apple Muffin recipe was from another favorite one of my favorite recipe blogs  Josh and Maria post lots of yummy recipes that I have tried.  I think the problem with this recipe was I substituted too many ingredients that I didn’t have.  I will definitely try again with all the right ones and I bet it will be yummy.  I also forgot to add the crumbly topping.  Everything is better with a crumbly topping, am I right!?  I am really excited for the next 4 days to be over.  I know the point of this is to make healthier choices and change bad habits and I am pretty confident I have done that.  All that to say, a chocolate chip cookie or some ice cream will definitely be on the menu for dessert on February 1st 🙂

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