Why I love my stockpile

I haven’t written about the grocery game for a while, probably because I haven’t grocery gamed since we were out of town and came back during the middle of the week and really only needed fresh produce since we still have a freezer full of meat and basement shelves filed with staples.  

I was just thinking today about how much my grocery game lifestyle has helped eliminate little trips to the store.  First of all, we live right by a WalMart.  When we first moved into our house we went there all the time.  Now, I have to say we probably only stop there maybe once a month, which also helps on impulse buying because doesn’t WalMart always have the funnest, cutest, seasonal, novelty, clearance, sale, items?  Seriously, those stores do a great job marketing random stuff.  

My point…I was getting to a point, oh yes, I love not having to do all those random trips because my grocery game stock pile ensures we do not run out of stuff like toilet paper (usually,) Worcestershire sauce (how do you pronounce that anyways?) and mayonnaise.  Because I keep items that have a fairly long shelf life on hand I am able to only buy them at the rock bottom prices and never pay full price for dried spices, or foil pans to bring baked oatmeal to friends.  I really love that.  Another reason and a different post, begin able to bless others because we have more than enough. 

Then I can spend money on things I really want and love and put money towards healthy eating by buying organic produce and Chobani yogurts (yum!)  

Note:  just heard “Mommy…?”  “I glance up at 3 year old who grins and says ” I was just talking to my cauliflower… :)”  


One thought on “Why I love my stockpile

  1. I wrote this while standing up and in about 2 minutes, please forgive the grammar and extreme amount of run-ons. I have no patience for editing today. Thank you, The Management.

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