Day 11 and Healthy Kettle Corn recipe

So today was pretty much a crazy normal Wednesday, but tonight things were definitely looking up.

I got a coupon for 2 free bowls of “grown up mac n cheese” at Noodles and Company (it pays to be member of e mail clubs for places you like.)  So I took the kids out for supper and when your kids love mac n cheese as much as mine do, this makes for lots of smiles and laughs. We enjoyed our dinner and headed home to play in the new snow for a few minutes (BRRRR!!!!)  and then headed in for popcorn and hot cocoa.  The baby learned how to say Cocoa which is beyond cute, so we pretty much give it to her whenever she says it.

I found this recipe for kettle corn over the stove top on a great site, and we modified it to make it healthier and it turned out great.  So great, I feel it does not count as a junk food and enjoyed a small bowl of it myself.

Hope you like it as much as we did!


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Healthier Kettle Corn


  1. 3 T coconut oil
  2. 1/2 C popcorn kernels
  3. 3 T sugar or
  4. kosher or sea salt


  1. Put oil in large stock pot, allow to melt a bit, add popcorn. When popcorn starts to pop, throw sugar in (literally throw, you only have a few seconds to do so or there is going to be popcorn poppin all over your stove.
  2. Stir quick to scrape the sugar from bottom of pan. Put lid back on and shake pot about every 10 seconds till corn is popped.
  3. spinkle with a bit of salt to taste and stir around till mixed. Enjoy!
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