Day 10 and things I love

Well today was so awesome, I didn’t get it blogged about until it was over.  (read sarcasm)

Please whoever is going to develop that AP so sarcasm can be visible on email/texting/etc. would you get it done?

Anyways, I am lagging this week.  The novelty of no junk food has worn off and the reality has set in.

Unfortunately there are still about 20 days to go.  Fortunately, there are flavored coffee creamers that make a cup of coffee taste like dessert.  I try to limit myself to 1 cup/day, but today was a 2 cup kind of day.

The workouts this week are not doing much for me.  I haven’t gotten back on the treadmill which is discouraging, but I have been busy since Richard has worked ridiculous amounts of hours lately and been gone a lot.  I feel like when he works late, so do I.  Seriously, I don’t sit down until 9pm and it is to fold laundry (while I watch ridiculous shows on TV that he can’t stand, The Bachelor, Ahem…)

On another note, something I love is this website.

There is a great article on getting healthy as a family which I LOVED, but all that aside, it is full of great resources.  We LOVE these DVD’s and if you have not seen one, sit and watch with your kids, you won’t be sorry!  I have learned so much from these and that is coming from a gal who spent years in Christian school, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Christian college and I am still learning stuff about the Bible.  What an amazing way to make the Bible real for kids + they are HILARIOUS!  If you don’t have any access to DVD’s like WhatsintheBible on Facebook, they give way a DVD every Tuesday.  We won one a few months back which was of course, awesome.

PS, Phil Vischer and Buck Denver have never heard of me as far as I know, I just really love their products.  If they have, Hi Phil!

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