This weeks grocery game tip is good for 2 reasons, 1 because it is a good reminder for everyone to ALWAYS check your receipts.  My best advice is to check your grocery receipt at customer service after you check out.  As in, before you leave the store.  I would estimate at least 2 times/month there is a mistake on my receipt.

The second thing is just an interesting tidbit-grocery prices have risen quite a bit over the past year, reading over my list on this post from last February was a good review for me.  The interesting thing is, I haven’t really noticed my grocery bills going up at all.  I am still in the same budget for groceries/toiletries/diapers that I was last year.

Awesome.  Thank you grocery game.


check your receipt.  nuff said.

Also, this is hard.  Today was a day started on not a great night’s sleep, (seriously, does your 19 month old scream until she is hoarse? for no apparent reason, other than she doesn’t want to sleep in her crib?  Babywise… there are days I want to throw that book.) and a decent, but not very awesome work out which apparently for me = a mediocre day.  And not a lot of willpower.  I took a lick of frosting off the kids cake, eww, not even good.  Note to self:  if you are going to blow it, do it on something worth indulging in!


3 thoughts on “grocery-game-tip

  1. my one treat today got streched out over the day (not a great job on my part) and little by little my one cookie became 2. ok ok truth is 2 became 3 but there was NO 4 and at times I wanted it to be all of the cookies in the container…conclusion, tomorrow is a new day!

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