Day 6 and a money saving tip

So it is Day 6 of 31 days of NO JUNK FOOD and it seems day 5 was a hard one for lots of participants.  Fear not, one day with an unhealthy choice does not mean all is lost, just get back on the train!  

We had some other healthy choices today.  We had another yummy oatmeal recipe for breakfast (sugar free, but chocolate flavor galore!  Recipe coming soon 🙂 and some leftover soup for lunch.  

Dilly Bean Potato Soup is one of my favorite winter lunches.  

Dinner was chicken bacon subs, which are probably not the healthiest, but delicious!  We had a side salad to balance the meal out and after a cup of tea, and some snacks of oranges and apple slices I think we can call this day a fairly healthy one.  

Money saving idea, when shopping the after Christmas clearance at the grocery store, Target, WalMart, etc.  Take time to look through the clearance bins with other celebrations in mind.  I usually buy wrapping paper on clearance and look for colors/stripes that don’t have specific Holiday decorations on them, and use year round.  I found this pink, green, and blue striped one that is perfect for birthdays.  Also, if possible, get your kids to think about what kind of theme for their birthday, if you do that kind of thing.  You can pick up things perfect for party decorations, favors, etc.  Last year one of our kids wanted a Pirate party so I bought all this crazy stuff after Halloween and saved it for spring.  

My favorite part of clearance shopping is buy after one Holiday and save for the next.  I use this to get costumes after Halloween and save for Christmas gifts (Dress Up!) and after Christmas stuff for Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Stuff for Easter Baskets, and Easter stuff for stocking stuffers.  

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