Day 3 of No Junk Food January

Well, I have heard from at least a few people who are joining me for 31 days with no junk food, hooray!  It is not too late, if you want to go the rest of the month with feeling great and eating healthier, start today by making to choice to take a break from treats.  I have had a few people ask me what the terms or conditions are of “No Junk Food January,”  I feel this is the beauty of it, you get to decide what is best for you, or what is the hardest to stay away from 😉

For me, the sweets/desserts are the thing I have the hardest time with portion control etc. so I am choosing to focus on eliminating those for a month.  I am not saying no sugar/sweeteners, so for me that means I can still put flavored coffee creamer in my coffee each morning, or a spoonful of honey in my tea.  I am drinking a cup of Country Peach Passion by Celestial Seasonings unsweetened as I type this and it is delicious, thank you grocery game!  I figure if I am eating a diet of mostly fruit/vegetables and healthy whole grains/proteins I can have 30 calories worth of coffee creamer each day, everything in moderation!

I don’t usually eat french fries, potato chips, or drink soda, etc. which is why I am focusing on desserts, but no dessert January just doesn’t have the same ring to it 🙂

On other notes, things I love, lotion bars!  These hard lotion bars are amazing for the Colorado dry winter and what it does to your skin!

I need to order more because I use them on the kids skin too and we are nearly out.

Full disclosure:  Made On lotion has never heard of me and all opinions are my own.  I just love their products!

Do you have any amazing tricks to avoid the cracked hands of winter?

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