Easy and Healthy Breakfast tips and today’s grocery game thoughts.

ImageCinnamon Zucchini Waffles I made last summer with all the zucchini we were blessed with from friends and neighbors.

We all know that breakfast is important to eat every day if you want to keep your metabolism stable and fuel your body, but how to make that first meal of the day nutritious and easy when you have little ones?

We eat breakfast together as a family most days which works well for our family, as some nights rehearsals and meetings make dinner times separate for the kids and I and Richard.  Two things I have found to make breakfast time less crazy around our house are meal planning and make ahead breakfast items.

Today we started off with some delicious baked oatmeal that I made Sunday and we ate the leftovers yesterday and today for breakfast.  (Well, honestly, the kids and I did.  Richard has an aversion to all things oatmeal, so he ate something else.) I added chia seeds to the recipe and used the melted banana trick to sweeten it, so there was no added sugar.  (By the way, the melted banana trick is explained below, and chocolate covered katie is a GREAT blog for healthy recipes.


I’ll post the recipe for the version I made soon, I have to make it one more time to make sure I got the proportions right and we probably should take a break since we have eaten it for breakfast 3 days in a row 🙂

I love breakfast casseroles and baked oatmeal type dishes as I can prep them the night before and eat the leftovers for a few days too.  I also love stuff I can freeze, like the cinnamon zucchini waffles (above,) and any muffins or other baked goods we can easily heat and eat.

We usually eat fruit every day for breakfast as well, I add oranges, bananas, applesauce, or other easy prep things to complete the meal.

As far as “No Junk Food January” goes, so far so good!  We got to the grocery store today which helped  start off the day right.  We finally have bananas again and got some organic apples and pears for great prices.  Love the Grocery Game for helping me feed my family organic produce at great prices.

Grocery Game Tip for today:  Get to know your produce man, the stock person in the dairy department, etc.  The people who work there are your best bet for healthy and frugal tips.  One of the King Soopers produce guys told me today that those 5 lbs boxes of Clementines are going on sale again this week starting Wednesday so if you haven’t used your coupon yet, get them next game cycle!  I believe he said they would be $4.99 with out the coupon which is still a good price.  Especially if your kids eat them as fast as mine do, seriously, 3 lbs in 6 days?  The youngest is only 18 months old, God help us when they are teenagers.

Also, fascinating fact, he told me that in Colorado, pretty much all our produce comes from the same sources, so it really doesn’t matter what store you shop at for things like apples, pears, oranges, etc. they will all be the same at Whole Foods, Safeway, King Soopers, WalMart, etc.  Interesting, huh?


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