No Junk Food January

Hiking around Bear Lake Summer 2010

Happy New Year!  One of my goals for 2012 was to try writing more so I am going to blog every day this month and write about the fun I am having going without sweets for 31 days!  We tried “No Dessert November” for 20 days and I loved the way I felt as my sweet tooth and love for baking are pretty much my biggest obstacles in my goal to being healthier.   I am not saying it was easy, like any habit it was difficult to break and the past 2 weeks have been filled with special treats as we baked oodles of Christmas Cookies (What can I say? baking day 2011 was pretty much epic,) had some delicious pies, and enjoyed New Years Eve Mini Cheesecakes last night.

Anyways, I don’t believe in usually depriving myself of any food, I generally follow the “eat everything in moderation” plan and try to make sure we mostly eat healthy, nourishing, whole foods.  However, I did feel the whole “taking a break from sweets” thing was helpful as far as helping me to develop good habits and I definitely lost a few inches.  I have no idea if I lost weight as we do not have a scale and I generally try to base my weight on how my clothes fit, how I feel rather than paying a lot of attention to the numbers.

I have tried to eliminate preservatives from our diets and make lots of things from homemade.  I will be sharing some of our helpful ideas and recipes that we find along the way as well as some of our families favorite healthy foods.

Will you join me?  I would love to have accountability along the way and friends to chat with about our journey of taking a break from Junk Food!

Here’s to a great start to this day, this week, and this year!



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