How to save on Eggs

Our family uses tons of eggs. Between all the baking I do (I know, it is a problem…) and the fact that our family of 5 can eat at least a half dozen eggs for breakfast, we go through at least 3 dozen/ week. So, I am always excited when I see a good deal on eggs. King Soopers had a dozen store brand eggs on sale for $1.00 last week (which I knew via the Grocery Game) which is a pretty good price, but this is a little tip I have picked up. I usually shop late at night when the store staff is re-stocking the shelves and some time last year, one of the kind employees showed me that the “re-package” eggs which come in the white styrofoam containers marked with a sharpie (See photos below) are usually the best deal. These are just the containers that they put all the unbroken eggs that need to be re-packed because some of the rest are broken. What you end up with is an assortment of eggs, some brown, some white, some eggland’s best brand, some store brand, etc. So the best part is, these are usually the best price per item AND when the other eggs go on sale like last week, they mark these down even more. I would say on a normal week these are any where from 90 cents-$1.19/dozen but last week they were marked down to $0.70/dozen! What a sweet deal! I bought 8 dozen. And we had some serious egg salad sandwiches for lunch.



Note: I shop at the Thompson Valley King Soopers (south Loveland), interestingly enough, last week I went to both (long story, kids were at VBS across town, milk out of stock at North 29th street King Soopers = two trips to 2 King Soopers) and noticed these eggs were marked $1.19/ dozen at the North while they were on sale for $0.70 at the South. I didn’t have time to check with the manager, but I would imagine it would be worth your time to ask about honoring the sale price if you shop at the one on 29th OR drive across town for some savings!

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