Frozen Banana Delights

I’m sure you have heard of the frozen banana “mock ice cream” craze.  If you haven’t, you put frozen bananas in your food processor or blender and the consistency changes to a delightful custard/ice cream like treat.  Yum.  If you have no idea what I am talking about check this post out at IGE.

Now, if you dig this at all.  Or ice cream, peanut butter, chocolate, bananas or any combination of these, you must try this!

Melt chocolate chips and peanut butter in intervals till all is smooth and melted.  Take a few ripe bananas and cut into large slices/chunks.  Dip bananas in mixture and spoon extra on tops to cover completely.  Set chocolate covered bananas on a cookie sheet or plate lined with wax paper and pop in the freezer.  The chocolate will set in a few minutes if you want a fast treat, but if you can wait an hour or two, the banana will freeze too and oh my goodness, it is like ice cream covered with chocolate!  Double Yum!

Here is a picture someone else took that shows the deliciousness.  Enjoy!

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