Too much stuff

I was complaining about the size of our master bathroom last night to my hubby as we were brushing our teeth. We have one of those kooky houses that was built with pretty much no closets so putting away things like towels becomes a bit of a challenge as well as an excuse to never have all the laundry clean at one time…
Anyways, I was frustrated because I had just done laundry and thus there were actually 4 towels in the bathroom which means we have to creatively fold them like origami sailboats in order to stack them above the cabinets.
As I lamented about our lack of space, my husband reminded me that our bedroom is bigger than Pastor Rojelio’s whole house.
Pastor Rojelio is a great friend and the pastor of Cristo la Roca, a small church in the Tijuana area. We used to go down there about every six months and do missions trips to help the church reach out to the local community. We have seen big miracles take place during our trips there. He and his wife have 3 children, just like us. How can I complain about my lack of space to store my “too much stuff?”
Yep, that’s me.

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