more money saving/sale shopping

just a quick note, I went to Carter’s last night to go through the clearance racks for clothes for the kids for next winter. I got quite a lot for not a lot of $$$ which is my favorite way to shop!
Just another reminder to always check your receipts. I was rushing home since my lovely sister in law was watching all my children + hers and it was dinner time so I didn’t check the receipt till later that evening but I will be calling or stopping by Carters tonight b/c I was overcharged 1 item. It was about $3.00 more than it was marked, and actually still was a good deal (a pair of little girl’s boots for only $6.60) BUT, it was marked $3.99 so it is worth my time to check it out. This happens ALL the time. I can not encourage you enough to check your receipts. I will try to post the total later b/c it was pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

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