Grocery game basics

I have more ideas of what the grocery game can do for you, but before you dive in, my favorite money saving blog has a couple great posts on the grocery game.  Rather that me go into lots of details, here is a link to Carrie’s info.  She did a great job explaining the basics so I’m not going to write it all out, but the basic concept of the grocery game is you

1. sign up at and please use my email for referral if you are a new member.

2.  Get the Sunday paper each week, in my opinion the easiest and cheapest way is to order online through discounted This way I never have to worry about picking up the paper and I get every coupon I need each week.  (Sometimes the newsstand copies don’t have all the same coupons.)  Also, in the interest of saving money, I figure if I use 1 coupon each week, it more than pays for the cost of my paper.

3.  Start stockpiling and in a few months you will be able to shop from your freezer and stockpile and only buy what you need and fresh produce/milk/eggs/etc. each week or two.  You will start to save 50% or more on your grocery bill.  More details are found at the grocery game website I listed above (it even has videos to explain it all,) or below at this

Grocery Game info

Since this is an old post let me clarify something important…

The grocery game is now FREE to try out.  You can get a 4 week free trial to see if the method will work for you and your family.  Hope you try it soon.

One thought on “Grocery game basics

  1. It would be nice if I could actually read my reciept. I was watching the register this time and some fruit was not looking right, and I was like hold on a min, I thought those apples were”bla bla ba” wait those grapes,, and so forth and the Cashier goes, you have to put in your sooper card 😉 he was so very nice. I also felt like a glorious shopper when I saved 47% The cashier and bagger were just as excited (surprised) as I was which of course made my night. spent $125.10 saved $107.80 I had bought a few Items I knew would get me like cashews and fresh moz. cheese$ and 4 gal of milk. but other then that everything came out lovely!

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